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Items To Inspect When Buying A Trailer



A trailer is a type of vehicle that can be used in doing some tasks such as carrying heavy loads. You should decide on the kind of trailer you want for your particular project. Choosing one that is going to meet your needs is a good decision. Below are some items to inspect when buying a trailer.


Frame. What the frame is constructed of makes a big difference in the overall integrity of the trailer. There are three main shapes of steel that are used in the construction of a trailer frame. From best to worst they are Box Tubing, Channel Iron, and Angle Iron. Choose Box Tube frame construction or at least a combination Box Tube & Channel Iron frame. Pass on the Angle Iron Frame. Tube frames cost slightly more than Angle frames, but the benefits far outweigh the cost difference.


Tongue Length. The tongue length is a critical component for Big Tex Trailers stability. The longer the tongue, the easier it is for the towing vehicle to steer the trailer. Shorter tongues require up to 15% of the trailer weight to be on the ball. Longer tongues only need around 10%. That means less weight on your car and more on the trailer. Longer tongues also make for easier backing.


Coupler. An essential item to inspect on a used trailer. The coupler is what attaches the trailer to your vehicle. Usually, it's welded on so a damaged or worn out one can be expensive to replace. Make sure it's not twisted or bent and that it attaches securely without sloppiness.


Wiring and Taillights. Cary Used Trailers taillight wires must pass through the frame at some point. Be sure that there are grommets to protect those wires from chafing on metal or a short circuit is inevitable. Tail lights need to be well protected, or they will get damaged. LED taillights are far superior to incandescent. They are maintenance free, twice as bright, use half the power and will last for the life of the trailer.


Axle. Watch out for used mobile home axles. If the wheel size is 14-1/2", it's probably a mobile home axle, and you should reconsider. Mobile home axles are too stiff, and it's difficult to find replacement wheels, tires, or wheel bearings. Make sure the shaft is attached to some suspension system and not merely welded to the frame. Also, make sure the spindles are equipped with a grease fitting for bearing lubrication. Wheel bearings are one of the few maintenance items on a trailer that must be done periodically and grease fitting make that job much, much easier. To get more ideas on how to choose the right used trailer, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trailer_park.